The Book of Revelation contains a number of Sevens. There are Seven Letters to the Seven Churches found in Chapters 1-3. There are seven Seals and Seven Trumpets found in Chapters 4-11. There are Seven Vials found in Chapters 15 & 16.There are Seven Candle Sticks found in Revelation Chapter 1: 12 &20. There are Seven Stars in Revelation Chapter 1:16 & 20. There are Seven Angels in Revelation 1:20. There are Seven Spirits in Chapter 1:4. There is a Lamb with Seven Horns, and Seven Eyes in Chapter 5:6. There are Seven Lamps in Chapter 4:5. There are Seven Thunders in Chapter 10:3 &4. There is a Red Dragon with Seven Heads and Seven Crowns in Chapter 12:1. There is a Leopard like beast with Seven Heads in Chapter 13:1. There is a Scarlet Colored Beast with Seven heads in Chapter 17:3. There are Seven Mountains in Chapter 17:9. There are Seven Kings in Chapter 17:10. There are Seven blessed in the Book of Revelation. Blessed is he who reads this prophecy, Chapter 1:3. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord Chapter 14:3. Blessed is he that watches ( for the coming of Jesus) Chapter 16:15. Blessed are those bidden to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb Chapter 19:9. Blessed is he that hath part in the first resurrection, Chapter 20:6. Blessed is he that keeps the Words of this Book, Chapter 22:7. Blessed are they that do his commandments, in Chapter 22:14.

The number Seven is found many times throughout the Bible. The Sabbath was the Seventh Day. The Levitical system of the Old Testament was built on a cycle of Sevens. The Sabatic year was every Seventh Year. Jericho fell after Seven Priests, with Seven Trumpets, for Seven Days, marched around it’s walls and blew their Trumpets Seven times on the Seventh Day. Naaman dipped in the Jordan River Seven times, the Bible begins with Seven Days of Creation and ends with the Book of Sevens about the ultimate destiny of Creation. Seven is a favorite number of God in his Word. There are Seven Days in a Week. Seven notes in Music. Seven Colors in the Rainbow. In Daniel Chapter 9 there are 70 weeks of Seven Year time periods, or 7X70= 490 years. The Last Seven Years will start when the anti- christ confirms the Covenant.( See the class on Daniel Chapter 9). Since God uses the number Seven so often it must have some special significance. The number Seven stands for Completeness, Fullness, and Totality. One of the most important of all the Seven’s in the Bible is when Jesus said to forgive others Seven times Seventy. ( Matthew 18:21,22)

WOW does this lesson blow your mind or what? Can you find more Sevens in the Bible?

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