The Bible tells us to not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you as though some strange thing has happened to you. The fact is life is full of trials and tests. They can make us bitter or better. Sometimes we may be tempted to just harden our hearts or run away, but that’s not the answer. I know the answer, because I know the answer man Jesus Christ and if we run to him we can find help and grace and comfort and strength. Jesus was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. He weeps for us and the lost. God knows we should be passing a few tests and making some progress. Thank God we aren’t saved by how we handle life’s problems and our trials, and tests, but they are sent for a purpose. All things work together for good for them that know the Lord. Romans 8:28. Sometimes we may feel like we are in a boxing ring, and we keep getting hit with these knock out punches. Well, are you going to pull yourself up and get back in the fight before the bell rings? Or are you going to throw in the towel and quit? God help us and he will. The Lord wants to make a real fighter in the spirit out of you. A real solder of Christ Jesus. From reading the scriptures it not going to get any easier. The Bible tells us that in these end times things will get worse and worse, but then they are going to get better and better to. So, the more Word we have living in our hearts and the more Holy Ghost power we have the easier it will be for us. Jesus never promised us a bed of roses, but he did promise us a battle, and roses have thorns. For if I never had a problem, I’d never know my God could solve them and I’d never know what faith in God could do. Sometimes Gods idea of strength is when we’re on our knees or our face crying out to him. It seems as though there is always someone who is worse off than we are and who needs to know the Lord and his love. If we would pour ourselves into his service of helping others to know Jesus, our problems won’t seem so bad. the best cure for personal problems is the battlefront. If you feel like throwing your life away why not throw it away into Gods service and do some good for others? I was going to tell you about all my problems and ask for your prayers (which we still really need), and the Lord gave me this. Praise His Name! (Matthew 9: 36-38)

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