Once upon a time there was a kind elderly Grandfather. The high point of his day was when his Grand child would come and visit him. They would have a great time visiting and talking with one another. One day the child didn’t show up . The next day there was no visit either. This went on for quite a few days. The old Grandfather was brokenhearted. He just lived for that time of fellowship with his grandchild. Finally the child showed up bringing a pair of slippers. The child handed them to the Grandfather, he said my child where have you been? The young child told him I was busy making these slippers for you. The old gentleman said, I thank you my child for these fine slippers, but don’t you know that I would rather have had your company and fellowship? Isn’t this the way we sometimes treat the Lord. We get so busy in our work for him and helping others that we sometimes neglect spending time with The Lord our God our Maker and Master. God help us not to make a God out of God’s service. But to make time to pray and fellowship with him. Amen? Jesus said; “How often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not.” (Matthew 23:37). Jesus is asking, “Will You”?


Say this prayer to be saved: Jesus, I want to know you, and to live forever in Heaven, I know I have made mistakes and done bad things- and I am sorry. Please forgive me. I know I don’t deserve it, but I accept your love and I accept you as my Saviour. I believe you died on the cross for my sins ,and rose from the dead. Please come into my heart and life and fill me with your Holy Spirit and give me peace. Amen.

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