ANGELS (part 1)

Let me begin with a personal experience that I had. It was 1980 and Ellen, whom I was married to at the time, and myself, and our baby son James, were on our way back to Houston from a trip to New Mexico. It was in January around midnight. It was very cold and snowy and sleeting. She was driving and I was in the passenger seat of our small Chevy. I was asleep with James sleeping on my chest. All of a sudden Ellen started screaming, Ice! ice! We were on the Guadalupe bridge which was covered in ice and we were spinning around in circles, finally after hitting the side of the bridge the car came to a stop, but this traumatic experience was just beginning. I looked out of my window and saw an eighteen wheel semi truck blaring his horn and slamming on his brakes, and jack knifing and siding towards us. Ellen was frozen at the wheel and couldn’t move for freight. I yelled at her to get out. She said just take James and go which I did. I didn’t want to leave her there but had to make a decision and quick. When I got out of the vehicle with James who was just a baby in my arms there was a man standing on the bridge. He told me to run and said he would get Ellen out, So I ran down the bridge. I was going to jump over the bridge with James in my arms to avoid the crashing I heard behind me, but as I looked over the bridge all I could see below was a raging river, which would have surely drowned us. So I kept on trying to run on the ice with James in my arms. Finally the noise of the crash stopped. I came back to the crash site and Ellen was standing nearby. I looked for the man I had seen, but he was nowhere in sight. He had on a brown skimpy over all type of garment. Shortly when the Highway patrol came, I asked him who that person was, because I wanted to thank him. The officer said there was nobody around the crash site. He even said, it must have been an angel. He was just standing on a frozen, icy bridge in the dead of winter at midnight in the sleeting snow, and could later not be found. I know it was an angel from the Lord sent to save us. Praise the Lord Jesus!


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